HOLIDAY BREAK 16/07 - 10/08

from 10/08 till 30/08 we continue with outdoor classes - stay connected

Pilates + Yoga Fusion
Outdoor Session
Pilates + Yoga Fusion
Pilates + Yoga Fusion

Pilates+Yoga Fusion

This energising fusion class will strengthen your whole body, fire up your energy and calm the mind. A refreshing cocktail of Pilates exercises and yoga flows.

Healthy Back & Posture

Building and maintaining good posture requires a mix of muscle strength, joint mobility, and overall balance.
During this fun and challenging class where we work on fitball with props. Powerful mix of physio, Pilates and yoga targeting your core, back and glutes.
Regular practice will help you to find a balanced posture, create strong muscles and get rid of "office back pain”.

Pilates Classical Mat

The cult Pilates Mat Series. Classical order with attention to connections, breath, precision and flow. Best way to experience the true Pilates Magic. This class is given in a semi-private format (max 7 participants), which allows full attention to each student and work in detail.

Yoga Hatha Flow

During this yoga session, we take time to focus on our breath, mobility, flexibility, and balance. An excellent option to complement your Pilates strength training to create a complete weekly routine. This medium-paced class will suit any level through adaptations.

Single 15€

5 classes pass: 75€ valid for 2 months

Private class at your location: 50€
Private class online: 40€
Duo Private class: 35€ per person
Trio class: 30€ per person

Rerervation is done via momoyoga system

Classes access

Live classes at Flagey: Maison de quartier Malibran (Digue Street, 10 - 1050 Ixelles) 3d floor Salle "RYTHME"
Studio Amazone classes: Rue de l'Amazone 58, 1060 Saint Gilles
Private classes can be given at your location or at studio Amazone

FLAGEY session is given in two languages: English and French
AMAZONE session is given in English
Languages spoken: English, French, Dutch, Ukrainian

If you would like to become a part of the group and and keep in touch wia WhatsApp, Please send an email to introduce yourself and request a link.