Pilates & Yoga classes + Health Coaching



Pilates & Yoga classes + Health Coaching

Let’s get to know each other

Meet Katya, the energetic force behind PRAKTIKA!

Katya’s passion for movement and nutrition began in her teenage years. She explored various yoga styles, from the calming Hatha to the dynamic Vinyasa, and strength-focused Ashtanga. And yes, she’s also a Pilates fan!

In 2019, Katya embarked on her teaching journey, earning her certifications as a Yoga Alliance teacher and a Pilates Mat instructor through Corpus Studios™. In 2023, she became a Certified Health Coach and joined the Ukrainian Association of Health Coaches.

With a holistic view of health, Katya enjoys bringing a playful element to her coaching and teaching. She challenges her clients with engaging workouts, helps them find balance in their nutrition, and encourages mindful movement that strengthens the body and soothes the mind.

Never stop learning, being curious and having fun, – these qualities are at the core of Katya’s approach to life,
an approach that she also brings to her profession.

Over the years, PRAKTIKA has grown into a vibrant community, providing inspiration and positive energy. Whether you’re a seasoned wellness enthusiast or just starting your journey toward a healthier lifestyle, you’ll find a welcoming space here!


PRAKTIKA method is based on the Classical Pilates Mat Series and Vinyasa Yoga.
A solid and well balanced physical training develops flexibility, mobility, strength and balance. While a focus on breathing lends itself to stabilizing the nervous system.

The variations shown for each movement enable everyone to either stay within their comfort zone, or push for more of a challenge. This means that both complete beginners and those with a firm experience will enjoy the benefits.
The classes are given in a small group 4-12 people, which allows a personal approach to every participant.

Regular practice will make you feel energized strong and flexible, allowing to flow freely through daily life. A delicious cocktail of Pilates and Yoga to boost you in every way.

If you are interested in trying classes with PRAKTIKA, please consult the schedule in the classes section of the website.
For private sessions,in-house classes at your company or team building sessions, get in touch to request a quote.


What is Well-being

This is definitely a complex question...
A notion of being a healthy person is based on FIVE staples: Nutrition, Movement, Sleep, Stress Management and Social Connections. Healthy life is also an exciting journey, not a goal or a static point.

During the coaching process, we establish good eating habits, improve the quality of sleep, balance mental health and integrate more movement to softly transition to a new healthy lifestyle.

If you would like to request an individual consultation, - press a button below and write a few words about yourself via email.


All classes are suitable for beginners and more advanced practitioners. Just choose what suits you best:
A session in the morning or in the evening? A focus on finding balance or on energising your body and mind?

group classes PILATES + YOGA FUSION

An energising fusion class to make you strong and flexible. Each session begins with breathing practice using techniques from yoga and respiratory physiotherapy. Then follows a main physical work based on the Pilates Mat Series. And finally, as a dessert, you'll get a refreshing yoga flow to cool down. A dynamic class for the whole body conditioning.

group classes YOGA HATHA FLOW

During this yoga session we take time to focus on our breath, mobility, flexibility and balance. An excellent option to complement your Pilates strength training to create a complete weekly routine. This medium phased class will suit any level through adaptations.


More and more companies value wellbeing and that’s a good thing. So why not consider exercising with your colleagues on a regular basis or as a teambuilding activity? Feel free to get in touch to discuss the options. I’ll be happy to listen to your needs and cater to them as best as I can.


Private sessions are a fantastic way to lay the basis for more efficient training during the group classes or deepening your personal practice.
You will get an understanding of basic Pilates principles, learn about critical connections, and install a correct alignment. Together we will design an exercise program that would best suite your goals and objectives.

Joining is as easy as sending me an e-mail!